Distributors B2C-Market

MM-01 and MM-02

Our distribution partners will inform you officially about wholesale, retail and service providers.

The following countries are already served by our partners:


  • MM-01 Topro-Edition
    Topro GmbH distributed „MM-01 Topro-Edition“ from 2015 – 2018 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As of January 2019 aktiv Deutschland, Owner: Mr. Jörg Dahm-Schmidt, specialized on mobility-scooters, has taken over Topro activities concerning further distribution and management of all MM-01 Topro-Edition scooters, ordered by Topro.
  • MM-01 Topro Edition
    As of August 2019 Minniemobil GmbH is selling „MM-01 Topro Edition“ directly to customers in Munich area.

Please contact us, if you are interested in the distribution for specific countries.
E-mail: info ( at ) minniemobil . com