Business to Consumer

Within the B2C market, our products will be solely distributed by defined distribution partners unless consumers are located in Munich area.

Consumers in the Munich area may send us inquiries through e-mail and will get a quote for MM-01 purchase and MM-01 service and product support.

Sales e-mail address:

There are two main user-groups for our first B2C-products.

Seniors (70+)

The Minniemobil has been designed for seniors who are either limited in their mobility or who desire more flexibility in their daily life.

The Minniemobil gives you independency and mobility.

Some seniors do not feel comfortable anymore driving huge cars. They do feel very comfortable with our minniemobil. A lot of seniors enjoy and appreciate the Minniemobil, because it gives them a relaxed, secure and comfortable way for getting around.

Mid (20 – 49) and Best Agers (50 – 69)

The Minniemobil is the perfect solution for handling your daily transactions within your nearby area..

Whether you want to go shopping, to your physician, to your bank,… or whatsoever, the MM is therefore an efficient ecological and sustainable answer. Instead of getting your SUV out of the garage in order to buy for instance a crate of water, as there are no other vehicles to do this, you just use your Minniemobil.

In Europe, about 70 % of people have none or just one car. Therefore, our Minniemobil is the perfect replacement for a second car. Additionally it’s about ten times cheaper, in acquisition and carrying charge.