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MM-01 Topro Edition – Clearance Sales – Sonderangebot Ausverkauf

Old retail price: 4.500 €
New retail price: 3.300 €
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Email: info@minniemobil.com

Minniemobil GmbH was founded in 2011 by Julian Schlagheck as a spin-off of Schlagheck Design GmbH.

Its´ head office is located in Oberhaching, Munich County, Germany.



We believe in an expanding market of micro-mobility. Our vision is to create innovative, ecological, specialized and functional solutions for this evolving market.

40% of daily mobility takes place within a close proximity area of two kilometres distance from home.


If you want to get more information and purchase the MM-01, please contact assigned distributors for each country to find wholesale, retail and service stores. Please, see our FAQ (Frequently-Asked-Questions).

If you want to customize the MM-02 to fit your company needs, please contact us directly.

E-Mail: info ( at ) minniemobil . com

You can find more information on our B2B-page and on FAQ.

Please, contact us:
E-Mail: info ( at ) minniemobil . com